Running ActiveRecord Tests

I have the occasion to need to extend ActiveRecord to support inserting and updating to nvarchar columns in MS SQL Server.  In order to accomplish this, I wanted to be able not only to run but also to extend the existing AR tests against SQL Server. So, I edited my ODBC data sources in /etc/odbc.ini and added a new connection underneath activerecord/test/connections for my database. Then, I needed to run the test/fixtures/db_definitions/sqlserver.sql script to have the tables in place. This wasn’t working out of the box with sqsh because of the format of the SQL script with semicolons as statement terminators. To solve this problem, I added the -L semicolon_hack=1 option to my sqsh command line, and the script ran no problem.

$ sqsh -U user -P password -S server -D database -L semicolon_hack=1 -i sqlserver.sql

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