A Short Lesson in Unicode, nvarchar, and MS SQL Server

Even if you have a column in a table that is specified as nvarchar, you still need to tip off SQL Server that you are handing it a string that contains Unicode when you’re setting values in the column. Witnesseth:

1> create table interjunk(id int not null, inter nvarchar(255))
2> go
1> insert into interjunk(id, inter) values (1, 'Unicode string ψ')
2> insert into interjunk(id, inter) values (2, N'Unicode string ψ')
3> go
(1 row affected)
(1 row affected)
1> select * from interjunk
2> go -m vert
id: 1
inter: Unicode string ?

id: 2
inter: Unicode string ψ

(2 rows affected)

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