My Least Favorite TRX Workout

I decided to collect all of my least favorite TRX exercises (that I can actually perform) into a single, once-through, smell-the-hamstrings-burning workout. Here ya go:

10x Toe squats facing away (long)
10x Standing roll-outs facing away (long)
5x/side Half-kneeling roll-outs (mid)
3x/side T-spine rotation (mid)
3x/side Long Torso Stretch (mid)
5x/side Abducted Lunge Stretch (mid calf)

20x Squat Row (mid)
8x/side Burpees (mid calf)
20x Hamstring Runners (mid calf)
3x10secs/side Side Plank (mid calf)
20x Biceps Curl (mid)
10x Body Saw (mid calf)
10x Chest Fly (long)
8x/side Spiderman Push-ups (mid calf)
4x10secs Plank (mid calf)
20x Hip Press (mid calf)
10x Row Series L, M, H (short)
20x Mountain Climbers (mid calf)