Foiled by my car

So close, and yet so far….

I have been working on installing an updated 140A alternator into my 72 BMW bavaria.  This required new bracketry which in turn required a different power steering pump which in turn required a different pulley as well as, it turns out, different hoses.  There are also appear to be problems tensioning the power steering pump and, due to the newfangled tensioning geometry, a new belt arrangement appears to be required, as well.


After weeks of incremental progress interspersed with the busiest travel and social schedule I have ever endured, I put everything back to the way it was except for the alternator which needs to have its pulley transplanted back from the Monsternator.  I’ll limp with this setup until such time as I can either visit Bill Arnold in San Rafael or figure out the remaining issues myself.  At least I took the opportunity to shorten the cable from the starter to the alternator.

I just want to fucking drive my car.

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