Rails Conf 2008

Today is my first day back at the office after Rails Conf 2008. I still have to do a lot of processing of the sights, sounds, moments, material, and individuals I encountered. Nevertheless, it seems to me that these sorts of conferences always give me plenty to think about, lots of new information, and a reinvigoration of sorts to seek out new life and new civilizations — at least in a work/technology sort of way.

The conference had numerous highlights for me this year. One cool aspect was that one of my esteemed colleagues from DC was able to make the trek to Portland. I am hopeful that he enjoyed the conference experience. Otherwise, here are some of my favorite sessions, speakers, and moments, in no particular order:

  • “Programming Ruby using a Java IDE? Aren’t you worried it’ll kinda ‘rub off?'” –Kent Beck (paraphrased)
  • Web design tutorial with Brian Hogan. Reminds me that I can handle a fair amount of graphic design if I just apply myself.
  • Joel Spolsky’s version of hooking up a digital camera to Microsoft® Windows® (fuckhead)
  • DHHism: going Bender
  • Rails Envy’s MVC commercials
  • 23 Hacks
  • Pastie lightning talk
  • Ruby metaprogramming presentation (despite technical difficulties)
  • The Starlight Parade
  • Hotel Monaco
  • Continued surfacing of bacon during many meals, including the surprisingly excellent bacon maple bars from Voodoo Doughnuts
  • Lunch at Saturday market (surprisingly absent of bacon)
  • Waking up Sunday morning to discover Rails 2.1 had shipped

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