Two Great Radio Stations

Back in 1983, a friend of mine happened to ask, “Have you listened to the new KFOG?” Previously, KFOG had been a full-contact muzak station, but had recently changed its format to rock ‘n’ roll.

I explicitly remember driving home one evening in my then-new VW GTI in San Rafael, CA.  I was passing the high school and tuned to 104.5.  The DJ said, “You know that Genesis album Three Sides Live?  Well, in Europe, all four sides are live, so we’re going to play the live fourth side for you now.”

I was hooked.  Although KFOG’s tastes may have diverged a little from mine over the ensuing years, I would still rate it as an excellent radio station and one that played a giant role in my daily life for literally decades.  I remember trying desperately to find some place while I was at school in San Luis Obispo that could miraculously pull KFOG in from the clouds 200+ miles away.  Good thing I move back to the Bay Area when I graduated Cal Poly.

Fast forward to my recent visit to Washington DC.  Without anything compelling available in the morning on the hotel television, I turned to the radio and started scanning.  I landed on 94.7 The Globe where Roger Daltrey was belting out “Out of my BRAI-AIN on the train.”

So I start off my KFOG listening career with the Fourth Side Live of Genesis, and The Globe brings me into their fold with The Who 5.15.  Perfection.

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