Android Emulator Seeks Network Connection

I wasted a good amount of time this morning due to the Android Emulator’s inability to be moved from one network to another.

Because it takes so damn long to startup, I typically keep the Android Emulator running when I am working on Circle 8 for Android (as I have been lately). In a typical day, I encounter at least three wifi networks: home, office, and the coffee shop.

Apparently, the Emulator prefers a monogamous relationship with networks and thus doesn’t switch over to a new wifi connection. I was trying to setup the Email app in the Emulator to connect to my email account and it failed over and over again. I finally decided to restart the Emulator, thinking that maybe it was lost with respect to the network. Sure enough, restarting the Emulator resulted in being able to browse to a web page as well as setup the Email app no problem.

Edit (August 2011):

I have since abandoned the Emulator in favor of developing directly to an Android device. Significantly snappier and less prone to bizarre errors.