I just saw something thought-provoking

My office is in what I refer to as “the penthouse suite” in a medium-aged building in the core old business area of Sunriver, OR.  As such, I overlook one of the main two-lane roads that traverses the length of Sunriver north-south, the main part of the mall, a morsel of Mt Bachelor, and a TON of trees.

Just a moment ago, a bird lit on the extreme tippy-top of a fir tree whose peak is only a few feet higher than my office, making the tree about 9 meters tall.  He landed on a treetop that is only about 1 square cm.  I immediately thought to myself, “I wonder why he landed on that spot? It’s difficult to land on and difficult to hold onto.  His bird feet can just barely hang on because there’s so little to hold onto.  He easily could’ve landed and rested in some comfort on a lower branch.”  To which I immediately responded to myself, “It obviously isn’t how comfortable he is that matters; it’s what he can see and do from there.”

My bird friend surveyed the area from there for about 60 seconds, and then he flew off — doubtless to somewhere he’d just seen from his recent perch.

I have an idea for a new logo for Standalone Code.