If it’s broke, fix it!

As I reach the end of the day at the end of the week, I run my tests one more time before checking them in, and … BANG! Failure!

Nuts. I wanted to check stuff in and call it a day. What do I do: check it in anyway, or take the time to fix it before checking it in?

Of course, if you’re even here, you know the answer: take the time to fix it. Here’s two reasons why:

1) If I leave it unfixed, it is more likely than not that something will prevent me from taking the time on Monday to fix it. Then Monday will pass by, and so will Tuesday… and by the end of the week a simple testing error becomes a burden to fix. Consequently, I no longer get the warm fuzzies and confidence of a clean test run at will. So, maybe I’ll just let the whole test suite decay since it’s obviously now broken. Not good — I’ve just given up the value of my entire test suite because I wouldn’t take the time to track down and fix an error in a test case that used to pass. And trust me — the longer you wait to fix something like this, the harder it becomes to get yourself psyched up to deal with it.

2) It took me so long to write #1 that I’ve forgotten #2. No matter — I did go ahead and fix the test case and I ended up with a better test anyway.

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