RailsConf 2009 Thoughts

Some thoughts after spending several days immersed in the software development goodness known as RailsConf 2009:

  • Uncle Bob’s keynote was not only hysterical but extremely informative and motivational.
  • I enjoyed the various Cucumber talks and I believe I now know where to start with it.
  • Sometimes it helps to be “old” as I knew the significance of the zip code 02134 and won a copy of the Rspec book.  Send it to Zoom!
  • I’m downloading RubyMine and trying it out.  Gregg Pollack’s demo makes it appear extremely promising as a Ruby/Rails IDE.
  • “Code smells” was a new term for me.  Cool that metric_fu is available to sniff your code in many different ways.
  • I need to look into Webrat and Nanite.
  • I need to get a github account and put some of my code out there if I want to be like all the cool kids.
  • After working with git for several weeks on a daily basis, Scott Chacon’s advanced git tips and tricks really put git over the top for me.  And the cheat sheet should prove insanely useful.
  • I’ve known about the various Amazon Web Services for a long time now.  I should actually try them out.
  • The Las Vegas Hilton needs to be put out of its misery.